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The ACG Approach

Bringing Care Forward With AI

ACG prides itself in the quality of service we provide. By bringing together care and technology, we have taken the next step in patient care. Our clinical team works to optimize outcomes directly with on-site preventive care, diagnostics, and treatment.

Skilled Clinicians

Our clinicians receive continuous training + education and integrate directly into your staff to provide unparalleled coverage and care.

Advanced Tech

We utilize cutting edge tech to improve all aspects of patient care where possible. From scheduling to patient care, we analyze every possible process that we can improve.


Why ACG?

ACG is an on-site healthcare services company that mixes AI with primary and specialty care for patients in your facilities. ACG runs the entire process including billing, staffing, and X so that your facility can focus on running more efficiently. ACG was founded by care veterans and has its own in-house data science team.

ACG does not charge your facility. We bill the patient's insurance directly.

ACG has embedded its data science team into our business. Whenever they identify an opportunity to improve patient care utilizing AI, we deploy it where appropriate. These processes may include: scheduling, monitoring health, and reporting via ACG's HeartBeat.

Heart Beat is the name of ACG's proprietary dashboard and AI models. It helps us monitor the pulse of your facility to track and report metrics so that we can ensure the best care.

We provide a large suite of care services including: primary care, physiatry, and more! ACG is scaling its business nationally, please reach out to see if we can assist staffing your facilities.

Heart Beat - Coming Soon

About Heart Beat

At ACG, we are committed to leveraging advanced technology to enhance the patient care experience. Our groundbreaking integration of AI, known as HeartBeat, will revolutionize the way we deliver care. HeartBeat seamlessly integrates into our systems, working alongside our healthcare professionals to support and improve patient outcomes. By harnessing the power of AI, we can continuously monitor and analyze patient data, identify trends, and gain valuable insights into their health. This allows us to proactively detect potential issues, enabling our staff to take prompt action and provide personalized care. HeartBeat empowers us to deliver proactive and informed care, ensuring that each patient receives the attention and support they need for optimal well-being.

At the heart of HeartBeat's success is our exceptional in-house data science team, seamlessly integrated into our business operations. Our talented team of data scientists works tirelessly to develop and refine HeartBeat's algorithms, ensuring its accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. By collaborating closely with our healthcare professionals, our data science team brings their expertise to the forefront, leveraging their deep understanding of healthcare analytics and AI technologies. This integration allows us to continuously improve HeartBeat's capabilities, fine-tuning its performance and optimizing its ability to provide valuable insights and predictions. With our dedicated data science team as an integral part of our organization, we are able to unlock the full potential of HeartBeat, delivering exceptional and personalized care to each and every patient we serve.

Advanced AI modelling.

Patient Driven, Data Based Care

Heart Beat's AI is integrated directly into ACG's systems and processes, enabling us to achieve continuous monitoring and trend identification in patient care. With Heart Beat's advanced capabilities, we can swiftly detect any issues or abnormalities, triggering immediate notifications to the appropriate staff. This proactive approach empowers us to take prompt action, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Improve your experience.

Centralized Care

By harnessing the capabilities of Heart Beat, we can effectively streamline the referral process and ensure that patients receive the medical services they need promptly. This centralized approach enhances communication and collaboration among ACG's healthcare providers, resulting in improved care coordination and better patient outcomes. With Heart Beat, ACG is dedicated to optimizing the delivery of medical services and providing a seamless healthcare experience for our patients.

Monitor your care.

Check & Track Your Pulse

Heart Beat offers administrators and facilities the convenience of downloading comprehensive reports and monitoring key care quality metrics. With Heart Beat's insightful analytics, you can gain valuable visibility into ACG's AI predictions and observe improvements in performance over time. Supported by our dedicated in-house data science team, we provide unparalleled tracking of metrics, ensuring you have access to unprecedented levels of data-driven insights.